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Welcome to the New Look EdLUG Website

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Following much work behind the scenes and after a number of false starts EdLUG finally has a brand new website on a new host.

Our old server, which was a Dell Poweredge with 128MB RAM and a Pentium processor has after many years of loyal service has finally been decommissioned.  This machine is a good advertisement for Linux as it has been running Red Hat 6.2 and since 2007 has had no patches applied nor any ongoing maintenance.  It has just sat in the corner of a lab quietly doing what it was set up to do with no dramas.

Going forward, we now have a space on the shared webserver of an Open Source friendly hosting company, and knowing that the future is secure we can start to look towards developing the site to better reflect the aims of EdLUG.  There is still a lot of work to be done - the old mailing list archive has been moved across but we need to work on accessing the new Sympa archive and as there has been a request on the mailing list for a forum we are looking at how this can be integrated into the site.  We also need content for the site in the form of blog posts and articles, so if you are involved in an open source project please feel free to write something for inclusion.  There will also be positions for people wanting to become more involved in the running of EdLUG - just use the contact form letting us know what sort of things you would like to help with.

Finally please let us have comments relating to the new site.