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Mailing List and Archives

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After a lot of work behind the scenes by Ian and Mark we have found that there is no practical way that we can easily keep the archives up to date from Sympa on the University's server.  One alternative is that the mailing list should be moved away from the University and on to Lug.Org.Uk's mailing list server.  Initial contact with the admins has been successful and they have set up a list on their mailman server.  Of course, with the Christmas holidays and so on things have gone a bit quiet and we are still waiting for the access rights to the lists admin functions so that our member subscriptions can be added in one go.  The alternative is that someone will have to manually add the addresses one by one and as we have about 400 subscribers this is going to be a mammoth task.  Hopefully we will get some information about this in the next week or two so we can really start to move things forward.

Of course, moving the mailing list to the mailing list server creates another set of issues.  Mailman creates an archive and this is set up to be created on the servers - not exactly what we want.  As a result I'm hoping that once we get the relevant access some brave soul will volunteer to redirect the archive to our host so that we can get everything running as we want it.